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Monthly Management (ex GST)$379$549$990
Set Up (ex GST)$899$899$1,699
Strategic Bid ManagementYesYesYes
Optimisation Sessions1Upto 46
Meetings30 Mins (phone/email)1 Hour90 Mins
Performance Reports 112
Account Ownership & Visibility YesYesYes
Google Analytics Insights NoYesYes
KeywordsUpto 100Upto 500Upto 750
Ad Groups Upto 4Upto 15Upto 18
Negative KeywordsYesYesYes
Conversion Tracking*YesYesYes
Google Analytics Integration NoYesYes
Google MapsNoYesYes
Display Network*NoYesYes
AdWords Remarketing*NoYesYes
Analytics RemarketingNoNoYes
Google Shopping AdsNoNoYes
PLEASE NOTE: Custom criteria & additional 3rd party costs may be required, such as media production

Further details about plans

planManagement Fee:

This covers the resources required to strategically manage and optimise your campaign on an ongoing basis and ensures best performance is achieved.

Set Up (once off upfront payment):

This covers the additional time and resources required in setting up a campaign from the outset, often taking into account much of the time clarifying campaign goals, research, campaign structure, and other technical elements of the campaign set up.

Keywords Researched:

This amount is not the target per se, but rather an upper limit which we anticipate will contribute to your campaign objectives.

Ad Groups:

These are the groups into which keywords, ads and bids are organised based on common and structured themes. Having tight themes helps manage and contributes to campaign performance.

Negative Keywords:

A type of keyword that prevents your ad from being triggered by a certain word or phrase. It tells Google not to show your ad to anyone who is searching for that phrase.

Ad Extensions:

A feature that displays extra business information with your ad such as an address, phone number, more webpage links, product images, and pricing information.

Geographic Targeting:

A setting that helps you show your ads to customers in a selected geographic location

Split testing of Ads

It is considered best practice to have more than one ad per group in order to test ad performance against each other and continuously make changes and improvements.

analyticsGoogle Analytics:

Provides in-depth reporting on how people use your website. You can use Google Analytics to learn what people do after clicking your ads.

Campaign Preview Document:

This will help you understand the way your campaign is set up & will appear in the search engine.

Custom, Direct Response Ad Copy:

Ad copy written in a way to stimulate a response by the viewer, which in the case of AdWords is to click on your ad.

Conversion Tracking*:

Conversion Tracking shows you what happens after a customer clicks on your ads – whether they purchased your product, signed up for your newsletter or filled out a form to receive more information. By tracking these actions, known as “conversions,” you’ll know which ads, keywords and campaigns get your business results. This helps to focus investment more wisely in the best ones and ultimately, boost your return on investment (ROI).

Google Maps:

A Google tool enabling business owners to publish business information to be publicly available on the web. Some of this data can be integrated into an AdWords campaign to help your ads stand out from the crowd.

Display Network*:

A group of more than a million websites, videos, and apps where your ads can appear based on relevancy.

Optimisation Sessions per Month:

The amount of times your campaign will be reviewed and updated to ensure performance is being tested right and improved.

Google Shopping*:

Shopping campaigns display Product Listing Ads in their own box on Google Search (separate from text ads), on Google search partner websites, and on Google Shopping (in select countries). Product Listing Ads include rich product information like an image, title, price, and your store or business name.

Strategic Bid Management:

Managing bids of your campaign on ongoing basis aimed at achieving business objectives, such as conversions…

Performance Reports:

These reports will include key performance and costing metrics and will be emailed in PDF format.

Account Visibility:

You will be given access to your campaign via the AdWords portal so you can explore and view all elements of your campaign. .

Call Forwarding Set Up*:

A unique phone number from Google that you can use in your ads to help track calls to your business. Google provides a unique phone number that’s displayed with your ads. If a potential customer calls this phone number, AdWords will route the call to your business phone number. You’ll then be able to see detailed reports about calls generated from your ads.

Analytics Report:

Provides in-depth info on how people use your website.

Call Tracking Set Up*:

Tracking conversions from your AdWords campaign when visitors call your number. This is an effective way to track how much business comes from calls in relation to specific elements of your AdWords campaign.

Video Ads (You Tube)*

Ads within the YouTube search engine network appearing before YouTube videos, beside them or within YouTube search results.


This is a feature that lets you reach people who have previously visited your site, and show them relevant ads across the web or when they search on Google.

Phone Meetings:

These meetings are an opportunity to ask questions, discuss campaign performance, strategy, opportunities, updates and any other business related to your campaign.


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