Graphic Design Narre Warren and The CMYK Colour Model

Colours are an interesting part of Graphic Design Narre Warren as they can be applied to any other element and change the way it looks drastically. If you wish to make an element standout, you can use a prominent colour. If you wish raise emotion, you can change the tone your design. Graphic Designers go through great efforts to make the right colour combination due to the effect it has on the overall look and feel of a finished product. The following text elaborates on the CMYK Colour Model.

The CYMK Colour Model:-

The CYMK (CYAN, YELLOW, MAGENTA, BLACK) is used in the printing process. To be able to implement it properly you need to have knowledge of the RGB Colour Model. The RGB colour model can only be viewed in natural or artificial light such as this computer screen as opposed to a finalised print. For the finalised printout of Graphic Design Narre Warren has to use the CYMK model.

How is the CYMK Model Made?

  • Green and Blue combine to form CYAN.
  • Red and Blue combine to form Magenta.
  • Red and Green Creates Yellow.
  • Black is added to the model because it cannot be created with the three primaries as they combine to make brown.

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