Security Best Practices that Web Development Officer Needs to Implement Every Time

It is a lesser known fact, but Internet Security has lesser to do with technology rather than risk management. Today there are more than 255 million websites and there are more than 2 billion active Internet users. On the other side hackers continue to work towards relentlessly attack website level vulnerabilities through SQL Injections, Cross site scripting and screen hijacking. The following text elaborates on the best practices for security that a web development officer should implement in each development project.

Keep Software Up to Date:-

It is obvious, but if you want to protect your website from attacks, then you should make sure that all software is up to date. This may include server side security software or any other software that you are using as part of your website.


Validation and Verification of User Entered Data:-

A validation check may for example make sure that mandatory fields are not kept empty. Verification checks on the other hand make sure that the information entered is correct. A Web Development officer should make sure that sufficient validation and verification checks have been implemented so that only sensible and valid data has been entered.


In the event of someone hacking in and stealing valuable data, passwords can help minimise the damage caused or if the password is strong hacking may be prevented altogether.

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