The Principles of an Effective Website Design that every Website Design Officer Should Follow

Being in charge of designing a fully funded business websites can be a daunting task especially when there are so many variables to consider. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a single of guidelines to follow for creating a business oriented website? Well, the following text is just that! If you are an aspiring website design officer worried about how to carry out the design process this article is meant for you.

 The Horse (Content) Comes before the Cart:-

If you are worried about the layout of the website even before you have an idea of the content then you might as well stop right there as you will be wasting your time. As a guiding principle it is important that you have decided upon the content of your website before everything else.

Who am I trying to Attract?

You should have a very clear idea of the target audience. Of course, your client will be a great help in this regard. Knowing the target audience gives a Website Design Officer the chance to narrow down a wide range of design elements.


Use appropriate Media:-

In the long run a website design officer will have to deal with all kinds of websites. It is important for the website design officer to be able to distinguish the appropriate type of media for a particular website; may it videos, text, images or animations.

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