Website Design Berwick and the Common Misconceptions About Landing Pages

Landing Pages have revolutionised the face of ecommerce. Now visitors are hit in their faces with most relevant information the moment they visit your website. No time is wasted, your visitor either converts or leaves. Landing pages have started to take up a huge chunk of all website design Berwick efforts. However, with just about anything worth praising, landing pages too have their myths and in the text below we have busted a few of them.

Myth#1: You Don’t Need More than a few of them!

Every landing page is another opportunity for business. So if you think that creating a “contact us” and “demo landing page” was enough you are going to miss out on a lot business.

Myth # 2: Your forms should always be short!

Actually, forms should be kept for later. We need to get the customers interested first. However, when the time comes the choice between a short form and a long form boils down to its purpose. If you are trying to get new leads then short forms might be best. However if you are trying to create long term customers then longer forms may be needed.

Myth #3: You can Copy Someone else’s landing page without hurting your own ratings!

In the easiest possible terms, anything that you copy from someone else’s Website Design Berwick will make you look like a fool! So avoid it all cost! Be creative! Be original!

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